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 To bring to the Seeker of Truth very real and expert communication, guidance, tools and cutting edge information to enhance their life and to continue to assist in the awakening evolution of humanity.

Why do we bother?

Maybe like you we have often tried to make sense of what seems to be a world becoming more insane, and strange personal issues like ascension symptoms and other strange stuff.

Until we realise all we have to understand is, ‘who we are, why we are here and how to get on with a meaningful life with courage  dignity and fun!

So, if this resonates come along for the ride with us.


As a Master of healing and mentoring, fondly called “The Announcer of the New Dawn” by the Ascended Masters, Heather has healed herself and created with the Universal Energy, to bring a Cosmic Way of Being to those who seek such a life.

But now from Heather herself..

Hi I am Heather, as my parents named me. As a child I was aware of energy at quite an intense level. I shut this down eventually and re awoke myself during my late 20’s during a time of self imposed inner searching that was brought on by ‘illness’, (M.E. Chronic fatigue syndrome, 20th century syndrome). I self healed with the added assistance of a dear friend and ‘spiritual’ healer this took some years but during this time I really experienced some incredible doorways into the other realms and came to some profound knowings and came to understand the many ‘energy’, ET and other metaphysical encounters that I had experienced throughout my life and that continue to this day.

I’m not great at following rules and prefer to do my own thing and this has helped me to think outside the box and to explore beyond what I/we have been told is the truth.

I have worked alongside many people in assisting with their healing and I thoroughly enjoy this and I am proficient in utilising the true healing modality that has been gifted us.

I would say the biggest influence on my life has been Self Mastery as introduced to us by Adamus/Cifehtr alongside Kuthumi. Things like Aspect integration, de-constructing the mind, learning to release and balance and enhance my I AM as well as deep energetic healing. These are all things Louise and I teach.

Public speaking and sharing about any of the many experiences and things I have learnt is always fun and a pleasure.

Travel is one of my great loves whether that is  a road trip or taking a group on a Sacred Site tour nationally or internationally. I founded Tour Gaia in 2018 where we combine awesome travel with soul connection and cutting edge information. See TourGaia.com

It is Cosmic is the place we offer many of our services. I encourage  you to have a look around and know that we honour your journey as we honour  our own.

…escaped from the clutches of a contrived and organised religion, then found release in the freedom and understanding of Universal, Cosmic Connection.

Lou’s journey, beginning in Zimbabwe, has been one of ‘dark’ shadows and deep searching. Although in all the trauma of her young life, a strength pulled her through. Eventually she  landed on the shores of New Zealand in 2002.

Her search for freedom and truth drew her to a place of Cosmic Connection with Heather.  Together they have founded and created Ascension Explorers and now, It is Cosmic.  

She has learnt how to ‘allow’  the connection of Higher Energy to flow through her own energy, bringing it to a place of partnership with the Ascended Masters and Galactics that would share their energy knowledge with those willing to hear and receive for their own enrichment. This is more than a wonderful experience; the many amazing teachings and most loving guidance that transpires is for the very benefit of humanity to encourage us to remember who we are, who YOU are and to take the action in living your most Mastered life  in every area and to share this with others.

 This is Louise’s gifting and for this we are extremely grateful! We call this semi-trance or trance channeled communication. Via this medium she offers Personal Sessions, Akashic Record reading and Master Healing and has been known to be ‘in channel’ for 2 days of workshop/retreat to assist those present.

I find Louise to be an extremely clear, accurate and ethical Channel. I was delighted with my Personal Akashic Record Transmission and have found it has answered many of my questions. Listening to the Light Language recording stirred my soul. At one point I found myself laughing but have absolutely no idea why. On some level I understood what was being said. I have listened again and again, just letting the energy wash over me and allowing it to seep in. I always feel energised and calm afterwards. I feel privileged to have had such advanced energy as The Council speak with me through Louise. In gratitude.
New Zealand
What people are saying

Over the years we have had multiple testimonies from many different people.  We are privileged to share some of them here.


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Heather and Louise speak to Susan K Cook about themselves, their passion and It Is Cosmic

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Tour Gaia Sacred Site Tour Southern Africa 2019

Rebranded to It Is Cosmic, Australia,  2019

Published The 5th Dimensional Series – Understanding Ascension & 5th Dimensional Healing 2019

Published ‘The Lyran Disclosure’ book, 2019

Speakers at Coffs Harbour Illuminate Australia,  the Big Event NZ, 2010 -2019

Created TourGaia.com – Sacred Site Tours, 2018

Rebranded to Energy Catalysts, 2017

Taught Self Mastery Course/Unlocking Keys to Channel/Energy Healing  Training/various other workshops, courses 2009 – 2019

Published ‘Self Mastery & Abundance’, 2012

Operated Sacred Sites Tours since, 2010

Created Ascension Explorers  2009

Began Working with individuals/groups  Mentoring & Channelled sessions, 2009 +