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These classes are designed to assist your expansion and growth along your life path.  We have various classes that are either single sessions ie an hour or two or broken into modules that take some time to digest and absorb.  

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Crushing Self Sabotage

This is a precursor course to the Aspect Integration and Self Mastery Courses available through this site.
In this course you will be sitting with Heather and Louise, for 2hrs discovering the particular triggers that seem to continually sabotage your adventure in life.

Understanding Ascension

Join Cifehtr as he takes you through this course about Ascension.
These classes are based around the workshop that Cifehtr has done about Ascension and what it has to do with US in todays world.
If you'd like the manual that goes with this course please visit the shop and order this online. You will find that it will be of assistance to you, ongoing.

We look forward to your continued growth and expansion.

Aspect Integration

This will be a comprehensive class with take away tools to assist you greatly on your journey of Self Mastery.
We suggest rather than taking notes during the class that you stay focussed and absorb the energy and information and then watch it again if you need to take notes.
This will be an in interactive session and Cifehtr will ask questions, please allow yourself to be open and ready for positive change.

Questions can be answered via the comments box within the class itself. We will read these and reply.

We look forward to your continued growth and expansion.

Teachings Of Tobias

Join Tobias over the next month or so as he takes you into the depths of the energy points of your body.
Each Vortex is uniquely aligned to your experience in this life and the past. Tobias walks with you and explores the deep traumas and stuck energy that MAY be hiding in plain sight.
This has enabled many who have done this course to begin to walk in a new freedom and liberty in life.

These classes are offered in two groups - a Silver Package or Gold package. You can choose which best suits your requirements when signing up.
We look forward to your continued growth and expansion.

Self Mastery - Take Action Package

More on this exciting package coming soon.

More to come...

When we have new classes or courses available you will find them added here...we will also send those who have enjoyed our classes an update email to let them know of new information avaialble.