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Crystal Cube Reading


Psychic Reading

Louise uses the Crystal Cubes and other Crystals as required to amplify  your auric energy so that she can see in and give you the best guidance for your life right now.

Here’s what a recent client said:

Tonight I received an amazing crystal reading from Louise. It helped me tremendously and it was so accurate and spot on for what I needed to hear, as well as work on to continue to grow into the best me I can be. Due to it being on a live, there was a question I had to further the information given, and these kind ladies gave me the information I needed to seek the answers. Thank you both Heather and Louise for all that you do and I am so thankful for all that you both do to help so many. I’d give 10 stars if I could!
Niki F
  • 30 minutes
  • Insight
  • Questions answered



The Higher Overview

Relationships –  Health – Work – Abundance – Spiritual Journey – Healing

International Trance Channel Communicator, Louise Reiss-James will move aside and bring through high energy channeled communication for you. One of the divine energies that she partners with steps in to speak with you.

Lou is more than psychic or clairvoyant, she is practically a walking knowledge bank.  As a uniquely gifted communicator of very expanded and wise energies her services are regularly sought.

  • Higher Energy overview
  • Recorded for you
  • Get more than what you expected!

Akashic record


Personal Akashic Transmission

…find the solutions to the pressing metaphysical questions that you may have about YOU, where you came from in from, what/why is happening..

  • I take the time to prepare myself and go into trance communication with the  most appropriate and Highest Divine Energy for speaking with your Higher Self and your Akashic Memory.

  • Then, the Higher Energies – The Council Of Many Councils or Galactic Family – begin to download into me the relevant information personal to you!

Energy Healing


Cosmic Healing

The Universal Energy is accessed for your healing intent. That could be anything mental, emotional, physical, spiritual.

We have assisted  many clients to come into full health and we have witnessed some amazing true healings.



  • Connect to your Galactic origins
  • Powerful, Safe and Eternally lasting
  • Ignite your Divine Spark

take action package!


Mastering Your Life

Taking  5 weeks to gently and compassionately move into all areas of your life. I will sit with you with my intuitive and channelling gifts to assist you in this journey. Your sessions will be recorded so that you can re-listen to the sessions between sessions. This has been proven to be a great tool to move forward in your journey.

NB: this fee is the best value for multiple sessions as 7.5 hours at  the regular channel rate is $1500

  • Take charge of your journey as we walk with you,
  • Release, Heal and Learn
  • Purpose and Action in your life


Metaphysical Spiritual Quantum

Heather and Louise are not only knowledgeable on many subjects ranging from ETs to True Healing but they offer a very real and often entertaining insight to a world that is not often spoken about publicly.

Contact them to talk about the possibility of them speaking to your group or at your event.

  • What it means to be awakened in this crucial time
  • Share our Experiences
  • Demonstrate Healing
  • Deliver a Channelled Transmission

Energy Workers and Mentors

"Heather and Louises profound understanding comes from direct experience and perception of the spirit worlds, the subtle etheric field, and the multidimensional nature of reality. They see things that few others can see. They answers things that few others can answer. Their style is direct and concise, with a true warmth, wisdom, and understanding."
The above was written by someone who knows our work and honours us. It's true we would say, But essentially we do what we do because we love making a difference!

We Love Change

Change is not always comfortable! Yet we find ourselves consistently and continually changing. It is the one constant in our lives, without it we become stagnant complacent and rather dull! The question is how do you allow the change? With Grace & Ease? Or" Full Steam Ahead?" Or maybe you are not changing and that is the issue..huh?

We have created many life changing workshops and face to face sessions that will boost you and assist you with your change. Whether that is releasing old worn out baggage, deep fears, health issues, learning to channel or use a energy healing modality, understanding your galactic self and so much more.
If there is something that you would love to overcome, or navigate through we would love the opportunity to walk through the changes/experiences with you. as we have done with 100's of others.

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10% off  PERSONAL TRANCE CHANNELED Session or CRYSTAL CUBE READING with Louise, don’t miss out.

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Are you sick and tried of not having the life you want?

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Taking ownership of your own life is a beautiful act of self love!

Living a life of Mastery is not just speaking about affirmations.

You Can Live a Life FULL of  
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The Question is Do You Know How?

We will walk alongside you showing you how!