We Are

Uniquely Created & Life is Constantly Changing!

We are ALL unique and require our own way of looking at life.  
No matter who we are, we can always learn to Release, Allow and Learn how to be the Person we know is within us.

We Love Change

Change is not always comfortable and yet we
find ourselves consistently and continually
changing. This is the one constant in our lives.
The question is how do you allow the change?
With Grace & Ease or Full Steam Ahead and Come
What May?

Heather and Louise would love the opportunity
to walk through the changes/experiences with you.
Being the helping hand and shoulder that you may


  No matter who we are, life gets to a point where, at times we need help.  We have a well tried selection of services from Healing to Emotional release, Divine Guidance and everything in between to help  meet you where you are at.  Maybe you know you need something but you are not sure what. That’s where we can direct you, so please make contact with us .
Namaste Heather and Louise.

Great question.

Universal Energy flows all around us.  We allow that energy to flow through us by consciously connecting with it and channelling that power into you, the receiver.  We (Energy Healers) are the ‘connectors’ of the flow of energy healing,  We humanly do not heal anyone.  We only allow the healing power and intent to heal flow through us.

That is the short answer.

The personal transmission sessions with the Higher Energies are between fifty and sixty minutes each.

Shorter session, ie thirty minutes, require the same amount of energy to bring through a clear, concise and connected transmission.  We now only offer the full  1 hour session or longer. (For a shorter session try our Crystal Cube Reading).

Are you Ready to delve more deeply into your life purpose and deal with what is holding you back?

We love what we do and we are here working to help our tribe, you, because we have employed the wisdoms and tools that we will show you to do for yourself.

This programme is created to meet YOUR needs using the many tools and knowledge banks of experience that we have obtained in assisting our selves firstly and the many many other people who have asked us for help in shedding layers of fear, breaking down outmoded beliefs, integrating  parts of self, allowing divine healing and more,  

If you say yes a plan is put in place to meet with one of us each week for a predestined time for up to 6 weeks. We will challenge you to grow. Don’t worry,  compassion, wisdom, humour and high guidance is part of our go to kit so we will not leave you stranded!. You may even thank us for it! 

Healing sessions – Usually a person knows (or suspects) when they have an implant or tracker  in their physical or energy body.  It is advised to have these removed, so as to allow your energy the full freedom of expansion.

Trackers/Implants can impede your growth by creating blocks and self sabotage in your life.

The Ancient One is a very old, ancient feminine energy that works through Louise.  She communicates in cosmic language, signs/signals and at times will get Heather to ‘translate’.

We believe she is from Telos, due to a channelled transmission which indicated this fact.

Her ability to know what is happening within your energy/body is uncanny.  She ‘sniffs’ out disease.  Has been known to do psychic surgery, pulls out implants and works with your energy.  She is a very physical facilitator of healing and you will feel her as she works with you. There fore this is only available in person.

There has been a large contingent of clients who have received healing from The Ancient One, and reported back that they are healed, or in the process of being healed.

Depending on the service you obtained, and the reason behind the refund request.
Most of our services are non refundable.
IF, however you have paid for something and we, due to unforeseen circumstances, have to cancel.  We will offer a re-booking or refund.

Though we will look at all reasonable requests.  They may not be refunded but we will talk with the individual concerned and see what we can do.

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It Is Cosmic
Your Co-Pilot In Life
My experience with Platorans during my sessions was both beautiful and extraordinary.
It is a profound blessing to be in the presence of such a powerful, gorgeous, yet gentle energy. Platorans energies span the galaxies, so I can but wonder that he - through the beautiful services of Louise - can take the time to assist the tiny flickers of light that include me.
Platorans gift to me included unlocking the wisdom within me, activating my DNA - and bringing the original DNA coding forward; activating my gridlines, activating a clarity of mind, tuning up my vibrational energies, activating my pineal and expanding its direction, vision and wisdom. Platorans activated my self-love and compassionate energies, including my self-healing and intuitional modalities; expanding and connecting the energy flow between my heart and pineal; next, activating my creative centre - allowing me to see what needs to be seen. Then, work was done on my meridians and magnetics of my body energies, and bringing all back into alignment. This created a free flow of energy from the heart to the soles of my feet. Platorans then purged and cleared my auric fields to create within them a clarity and freedom - this included clearing blocks and resistances.
Finally, Platorans creating a cellular balance throughout my physical energy body.

All this done with my permission, and done with profound humility from both of us. Platorans said that we are both healers - hosepipes - that offer our services to humanity. Very humbling, indeed, from such a wonderful, Celestial friend.

Anyone who has a remotest feeling towards their spiritual development should not wait a moment for the opportunity to experience THAT which is Platorans. 
Dr Peter Harper
Quantum Energy Healer, Oamaru, NZ.

Questions? Contact us and let us know.

On our page we endeavour  to share from our hearts and give you the insights to our learning.  We are real, down to earth and have a wicked sense of humour.