Akashic Record Transmission

Learn more about where the word Akashic comes from, what it actually is and why it is such a privilege and an honour to be granted permission by the High Universal Council and the client’s Higher Self  to read a persons unique Akash.

Your Unique Personal Indepth Akashic Transmission.

  • To assist you find the solutions to the pressing metaphysical questions that you may have about YOU, (e.g. where you came in from, what/why is happening..)
  • I take the time to prepare myself and go into trance communication with the  most appropriate and Highest Divine Energy for speaking with your Higher Self and your Akashic Memory.
  • Then, the Higher Energies – The Council Of Many Councils or Galactic Family – begin to download into me the relevant information personal to you!
  • This is an approx. 7+ hr process in which a channelled drawing is presented with an explanation. (On occasion I may also receive a message in Galactic Language, for the individual, which is recorded and sent as an mp3. If this occurs there is no added charge.)
  • Your questions, which you submitted in our correspondence, are answered with a deep overview. 
  • Please read the reviews below – they may assist with your decision to proceed.

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