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Now & Upcoming

Spiritual Empowerment or Spiritual By-pass

As presenters at the Paradigm Shift Summit 2020 we will bring to the table with our friend Cifehtr (as channelled by Louise), the topic of Spiritual By-pass  vs Spiritual Empowerment.

What does this mean and how does it effect YOU, in this great time of shift?

Workshop Gold Coast

Spiritual Empowerment for the Great shift.

We will elaborate on our presentation topic above further, offering deeper  insights and individual guidance at our channeled morning workshop with Cifehtr.

This is  held after the summit on Monday 16 November on the Gold Coast at Vibe Hotel Ferny Ave. 5mins from Mantra.

Peter H
Peter H
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I haven't seen, or heard of, a more thorough and detailed exploration of the Chakras - for me Tobias's explanations and guidance are unique, and very deep indeed. Integrating the knowledge gained into the healings I do at present is exciting and full of challenge.

Love and blessings for making all these wonderful things possible, Louise and Heather.
Jennifer H
Jennifer H
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Tobias’s teachings, are taking things I know and practise to another level, and when I “ hear” them it is a knowing within myself of truth and yet somehow I’m hearing it for the ‘first’ time or on another level of completely new awareness.

Feel so privileged to be with Heather and Louise’s channellings right now. Xxx Jennifer
Jade Atkins
Jade Atkins
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The TOT course has been an amazing ride. It's like a million epiphanies all wrapped into one. The teachings are gentle but the healing is deep and it is sure to reach the core ❤ 

I highly recommend to all 🙏
Helen Harris
Helen Harris
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TOT is awesome - highly recommend!
Lynne B
Lynne B
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This TOT course has greatly exceeded my expectations. 

Even after many years of spiritual searching I’ve discovered so much more about myself.   It’s been amazing how my physical body has changed.   Who would have thought a 76 year old skeleton could release and change shape?? That is exactly what has occurred.  

A huge thank you to Louise, Heather & Tobias, I am immensely grateful.   Lynne
Judy S
Judy S
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I have just spent the last 15 weeks Healing my Human energy Vortices with Tobias, Lou and Heather...what an amazing journey...

I have spent many many lifetimes storing in my human body all the negative energy and sometime very  painful emotional energy I wasn’t able to deal with at the time..and discovering why I reacted to certain situation in this lifetime...I am now seeing with a very open mind and very open heart it’s beautiful and am feeling so light and tall inside my body ...I'm absolutely loving the change...many thanks 🧡🧡🧡 Judy  S

Choosing Travel to Free the Spirit

Ancient civilisations, stunning scenery and wildlife along with hidden secrets will be there for us in 2021 as we all get travelling.

Join us for an adventure of a lifetime!

We welcome Seekers of Truth

We are here  to assist you, the Seeker, with your souls extraordinary life journey.
To help you to implement the changes YOU want for your Life now. By leading by example, educating, encouraging and being our authentic down to earth selves and having fun while doing it!

All enquiries or bookings are treated with due respect and tailor made to suit the individual.

“Heather and Louise follow the guidance and teachings received from the Ascended Masters, over the last decade. They share the techniques and tools given to them by the Higher Energies, which have been used in their own lives.  They have seen the changes and are the living testimonial that ‘doing the action with trust’ works”.

Heather and Louise

Metaphysicians, Healers, Teachers, Trance Channel communicator, Public Speakers, Authors and Modern Day Shamans.Our teachings are provided exclusively through It Is Cosmic.
A school of disciplines and personal guidance designed to help people develop inner power and perception.

We teach that you can create a spiritual reality of your own, and transcend the collective human evolutionary path of ego, emotion, and mind, which is often ruled by a system of programming and control.

For more information of what this involves, contact us or book a session 

What are you Choosing, Awakened One?

We are very excited about the opening of opportunity to create more of the consciously aware and expanded life we truly want, together.
Yes, we acknowledge there is fear and confusion amongst the populace. It is up to us to now speak our Higher Truth and to bring it into being. To be in a place of balance and love. This is the spiritual evolutionary shift of the ages we have been alluding to. It is here now.
What do you choose?
Are you ready to throw off the old controls?
Remember how powerful your Thoughts, Words and Actions are.
We choose wonderful health and abundance in every area of our lives.
During this time we are more likely to be on Face Book and using that platform to reach our community. Find us there for regular communication like and follow us – and our New YOUTUBE Cosmic Life TV with regular Hot Topics. Please subscribe for updates.

We invite you to visit our Cosmic Life Learning  and our Membership page for  plenty of exciting options for your personal spiritual growth.

Heather and Louise It is Cosmic, Keeping you Awake

Benefits of a
self Mastered life

Consider, for a moment, your immediate world is in chaos.  You, are in a place of choice and can either react or respond.  

It really doesn’t matter where you find yourself, in extreme comfort and splendour or extreme lack and desperation, or anywhere in-between.  Your mind is unsettled and anxious, you’re in fight or flight mode, what do you do? 

Do you breathe and release the fear, realising that it is for but a moment of your life, or do you panic and react, striking out with words and deed? 

For some of those reading this, life may be a ‘life sentence’ of problems and issues that keep repeating themselves.
Those ‘dark days’ and that feelings of being ill equiped to deal with ‘living problems’ may overwhelm at times, and yet there is the inner knowing that that this too shall pass – it’s just when!

There are those who have traversed this path and have learnt how to deal with the thoughts and patterns that for so long kept them prisoners in their own mind and emotions.  It does not mean that you have a ‘mental issue’ (although those are very real for some), nor does it mean that you have emotional hang ups, though again, there are those that do not know how to deal with their feelings.

The Living a Self Mastered Life course gives you tools of a spiritual and practical nature to face, understand, accept and work through the areas of your personal journey that could do with a clean up..    Soon you too will be able to observe, and have a ‘self’ overview of the situation, to listen to your inner voice and direction.

Life will become a place of new excitement, daily adventures and a deep awareness of Grace and Ease.  The Self Mastered person is one, who chooses to integrate, release, observe, take ownership and move forward without resentment.

Will you join us on the journey of Self Mastery in Life and take the first step to helping yourself to a clearer place of living?


The sacred sites and stunning spots tour was fantastic. Our group was fun with lots of love and laughs.
Heather and Lou are brilliant hosts.
The places we'd seen and the channelling was great and insightful.
Re-connecting with Gaia and the universal energies on a deeper level was breath taking.
It was nice to feel connected in heart with Gaia and everyone in our group.
The Channels at various sites were great and informative
Graeme & Deb
For five years Cifehtr and Louise have been providing me with a much valued sounding board. Their guidance spans both my personal and business development needs as my horizons continue to expand. Furthermore, Louise makes every effort to be available for my sometimes unreasonable demands of only a couple of hours notice.
Chris C
I was fortunate to experience the Ascension Explorers' (Now Cosmic Life Pty) Conscious Living retreat in February 2011.  This was a wonderful experience that inspired me to live from a place of renewed appreciation for what it means to be aware and fully present in all aspects of my life.  Since the retreat I have been conscious of when I am conscious (or unconscious for that matter!) by being able to objectively stand back without attachment and observe my beliefs and behaviours in my relationships and my reactions to life events and adjust them to create more peace in my life.
Claire W

Numbers speak

Over the last decade we have been assisting people to change their lives, through teachings, training and personal one on one sessions and informal conversations.

Started Our Journey

In the last Ten Years we have created multiple Workshops,  Events and Trips that have touched the lives of numerous people.  

Will yours be one of the next lives we are privileged to walk beside and help?

Published First Book

Louise, in collaboration, with the Ascended Masters and other Higher Energies has written 4 books and multiple  workshop modules. 

0 +
happy tribe people

Our clients have been from all over the world, and keep coming back.

We must be getting something right…

0 +
programs & trainings

We have created a number of Personal One to One packages, healing sessions as well as Life-Shops to assist those seeking more.

Whether online or in person, we are here to help.


Over the last decade we have built and lost, we have established and rebranded, yet throughout all the changes we have kept true to our goals…. 
to assist ALL who ask.
Below are a few of our achievements which we are aware have benefited many others.

2020 - 2009

Now : 2020
Sept 2020

Created our Online Course platform including both memberships and individual courses

December 2019

Announced our first Australian Life Mastery in Consciousness Retreat for June 2020.

September 2019

Officially launched our sister company TourGaia.com  and website.

Completed our Inaugural Overseas Sacred Site Tour to Africa, with TourGaia.com

June 2019

Officially launched ‘It Is Cosmic’ our new brand – website – youtube channel – instagram -twitter.

Moved to Australia from NZ

Published Educational

Published and launched  “The 5th Dimensional Knowing” series, covering 5th Dimensional Healing & Understanding Ascension

Published and  Launched Book One in “The Lyran Disclosure” series

2 day workshop DVD series Self Mastery with Cifehtr, (Kuthumi, Raphael )

Publlished Self Mastery & Abundance with  Adamus (St Germain)

‘Shall We  Channel’ with Kuthumi lal Singh

Created and published 
‘The Cleanse’ (detox for awakened beings)

Public Speaking

  • Various Guest Speaker slots Blog Talk radio shows
  • Presented twice  at The Big Event Auckland 
  • Presentation at Illuminate Australia.
  • Multiple Speaking engagements and presentations of Channeling and Healing throughout Australia and NZ in private homes, Spiritual Centres and Public Groups and other organised Forums.
  • Regular ‘Live withs’ on FB

Courses, Retreats

  • Self Mastery (2010+)
  • The Continuation  Energy Healing Training (Pleiadian Activation) (2010+)
  • Learn to Channel (2010+)
  • Conscious Living Retreats and Sacred Site tours (2010 +)
  • Spiritual Genealogy (2011+)
  • ‘Manifest Now’with Cifehtr(and Abraham) (2011+)
  • Regular ‘Spiritual’ teaching – weekly group (2011+)
  • Understanding Ascension (2013+)
  • Deconstructing the mind (2014+)
  • The Galactic Experience and You (2019+)

Best Beginnings 2009

Commenced first workshops in Wellington NZ

Travelled to Netherlands, UK and Hawaii running workshops and presenting.

Created Ascension Explorers, and associated website & Youtube channel, for the assistance of all who came searching for things Ascension. 

Join Hundreds of others as they search and find answers

Though we do not claim to know the answers to life and the universe (although the Hitchhikers Guide does say it is 42).  

We desire to be of service and available to help you find the answers you are seeking.

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