A Dynamic Transformational Retreat focussing on your Spiritual Growth and Healing journey

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"Life Mastery in Consciousness "

7 days - Tropical Far North Queensland Australia - May/June 2021


‘It is Cosmic’ team, Heather and Louise. bring you this ‘cutting edge’ Retreat based around the Ancient Teachings of the Self Mastered Conscious Life. 

Hang on if that sounds dry or boring you are in for a big surprise!! 

Why? Because this retreat is centred around YOUR evolvement, solving the questions you may have  like ‘Who am I’ and ‘Why am I here really here?’ We won’t be giving this just a cursory glance (you know, ‘om…ok I’m from the Pleiades and I’m here to have fun and experience things. Next’), we will guide you much DEEPER than you have probably ever gone before! This is the time for it!


We realise there is no point giving you a bunch of topic headings with terms you probably have never heard of or don't understand...

So let's have a look at what you will achieve on this retreat with us.

  • Freedom from those nagging voices like fear of success.
  • Tools to stay  grounded in your body.
  • Healing of the mind, and creating a new template of empowering beliefs (say goodbye to old baggage!)
  • Knowing your Purpose AND how to Live it!  (Doesn’t get much better than that)
  • Your Spiritual/ Metaphysical  understanding about yourself  just improves out of sight!
  • P.S. This is just a taster

The Life Mastery Retreat is for people who have been on their  awakened conscious journey for awhile

If you are reading this you might be a candidate! You could be  wanting to expand and integrate  further and you are not afraid  to access deep and honest soul searching .

With expert and compassionate guidance you ‘know’ you will reap the enormous gifts from that for yourself (and the many).

The itinerary will be loaded with ground breaking stimulating workshops led by our semi-trance channel Louise. Also with Daily Guided Meditations. 

This will be combined with fun, group experiential time and a full day trip to Kuranda Village (via 3 different modes of travel including a wildlife visit) and spontaneous other ‘outings’  all in the beautiful tropical environment. Sound like you?


Held in the beautiful

Tropical Far North Queensland, Cairns


Combining their collective energy to bring a powerful and unique workshop, Cifehtr,  Ragnör &  A-Leec of Lyra, Kuthumi Lal Singh and others will be delving into the hidden mysteries of what exactly a Self Mastered Life in Consciousness is.

The Masters will each take time to assist us with Guided Meditations and the set sessions of learning and make themselves available for informal discussion outside of workshops.

(Louise Reiss-James  is a semi trance channel communicator and will be in partnership with the Ascended Masters for the teachings and informal gatherings at this retreat assisted by her partner Heather.)


Heather and Louise hosting successful and awesome, Workshops, Trainings, Retreats/Tours together since 2009.

What others have said
Gill W
Gill W
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I went with my cup half full, knowing something of conscious living but also being prepared for, and wanting, more. By the end of the weekend we had gone far beyond my expectations or imaginings, and I have been forever changed by the expansion that’s occurred. The magic was only made possible by the trust I have in you both and the crew ‘behind the scenes’. We had an awesome time.
Verna C
Verna C
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The retreat was one of the most fun and profound experiences I have ever had, and I was still buzzing a week later. All four workshops (two by Adamus about  Sovereign Self, and two by Kuthumi about channelling) were deep and moving taking me to the core of my spiritual being and created an understand  and awareness on so many different levels. I loved the retreat, the atmosphere was conducive for conversation, trust, and close relationships to happen. It was great to socialise with light minded and light hearted people.  I also enjoyed getting to know Lou and Heather for the wonderful, beautiful souls they are.
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What an awesome weekend full of love, care, joy, quiet moments and powerful new experiences. I felt protected, encouraged and secure. Lots of laughter, lots of sharing. Thanks for the wonderful time Heather and Lou.

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Love and light from
Graeme M
Graeme M
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Heather and Lou are brilliant hosts.
 The channelling was great and insightful.
Re-connecting with Gaia and the universal energies on a deeper level was breath taking.
Love,light and laughter.

The Package

Life Mastery in Consciousness Retreat
$ 2050 to 2500 AUD Shared accomodation / Single accomodation
  • 7 nights accommodation near the sea! (Shared or Single)
  • Tasty Food
  • 5 Life Mastery in Consciousness Experiences
  • Guided Meditations
  • Soul Family Connection
  • Informal Time with Cifehtr (Adamus St Germain)
  • Surprise Day Trip
Great value

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