Self Mastery – A Journey Into Self

Cifehtr Talks On Self Mastery

We have found that there are many people out in the world wondering what ‘Self Mastery’ is all about.  Over the years many have tried to explain the term or title and yet we find that there is still misunderstanding.  
Cifehtr equates it to the Dark Jungle of Self… our last frontier

By Louise Reiss-JAMES

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Self Mastery”…….
These words can conjure up a multitude of experiences, comments, beliefs and even excuses.
What exactly is this phrase or terminology that is being thrown around in the conversations of many ‘awakened’ people these days?

Is it being understood and is it a reality? Or, is it something that you just aim for distantly as if it is a goal for the future.

Let us look at Self Mastery in-depth, it is a multi-levelled subject and not one that is explained in five minutes or three lifetimes. Yet you can grasp the understanding faster than a heartbeat and create solutions in this lifetime that will assist you in moving forward more quickly than you have ever experienced.


  1. The total, essential, or particular being of a person; the individual
  2. The vital qualities distinguishing one person from another; individuality
  3. One’s interests, welfare, or advantage


  1. Full command or understanding of a subject
  2. Outstanding skill; expertise
  3. The power of authority; control
  4. Victory or superiority.

If we look at the meanings of the two words, we find that there are multiple levels of knowledge within each word. Yet the commonality in Self is the ‘essential distinguishing part’ in the individuality of the singularity known as Self. 

The definition of Master shows similar levels. Command, skill, control, superiority, all qualities that can help and assist a person move onwards and upwards in the world of commerce and life.  

So in understanding this, where does SELF MASTERY fit? How do these definitions mix with the lifestyle of the ‘spiritual’ person who is desperately trying to leave the ‘3D’ world behind them and live in the moment???

Well, let us explore this.

Why is it that you want so desperately or not so urgently to leave this ‘world’ behind you? I am not referring to ‘crossing over’ but to the actual cutting yourself off from the inter-connecting ways of business and life?

In life, you want to become this person that is unattached to the outcomes of all things. You are looking for the balance and neutral place to stand in your experiences. You don’t want the reality of the 3D to come and ‘bite you in the back’, for the Karmic Wheel has ended, has it not? So, instead you say things like, ‘it’s a hologram, or it isn’t real,’ I would like to disagree with those statements just to be the ‘devil’s advocate.’
The world is real, and while it may be a hologram, it is stable and here to cause you to trip if you don’t take care where you walk. You need to be alert to the constant change of energy that flows around. Karma, my friends, may have completed the Cyclic 26000 years, BUT there is still the small fact of the consequence of action.

In business, you either allow another to make your decisions for you and become a ‘yes man/woman’ while quietly screaming no! Or you become so stringent in your choices that no one can get a straight answer from you. The reason is that they don’t want to be near you as you’ve become over-bearing and irrational. All because you don’t want the attachment that certain decisions create.

What is fast becoming a rationalisation among many of you is “if I ignore the problem” it might go away. As if by ignoring the situation, it will fade away. In neglecting the things that you know are instinctively a part of your ‘I AM’, you only aggravate the Aspects and Imprints that lead you on a merry dance.

Coming to comprehend what Self Mastery is, you must realise that it is 100% being Self Responsible for your Energy.

Perhaps in a separate discussion, we can talk on how one cannot exist without the other and to try and delete one from the other will result in a state of instability. Or perhaps I will leave this in this manner allowing you to begin to search out for yourself the answers.

To be in Self Mastery takes guts and loads of Self Responsibility. It pulls from every core cell that you have in your body. Self Mastery begins in your heart, then seeps into your mind. It starts with a change in your way of being, in what I call the Heart-Mind. That connection that links the Pineal and the Heart together to bring clarity into situations, when that begins to see you as the true Energy Being that you are, you begin to want change.

In coming into the realisation that Self Mastery is not just the new ‘catchphrase’ to throw around but an actual choice of Life, you will begin to operate at a different level.

Self Mastery is the one thing that covers the entirety of your human life. From Healing to Wealth, from Relationships to Creative Ways, being in Self Mastery is a choice and at times may not be that easy to stay in, when you are in your ‘human’ moments. Yet it is the human moments that allow you to experience all that you desire, so do not be so quick to cast these moments off. Learn how to integrate the humanity of you into the Higher Energy of you. This ability to integrate is true mastery of a higher level.

To activate Self Mastery, you must begin to think and speak differently. You must recognise certain parts of your life will have to change, and that change may not be pleasant or comfortable, but your willingness to make the change.

Self Mastery is a blend of taking all the bits from Life Coaching and the Spiritual Mentoring, that work and mixing them up. This ‘mix’ is to bring you to a place of being in your life where you stop blaming everyone else for what is happening in YOUR life and take full responsibility.
You begin to become responsible for the actions, reactions, thoughts and conjectures that you have in your everyday life.

You can have a life that is Self Mastered IF you choose. There is truly nothing new under the sun. But there can be profound changes in you, that create a ‘new’ way of being for YOU. A life that can alter the outcomes that seem inevitable can be shifted and changed. A life that has been on a journey of Self Mastery will find that there is literally nothing in this world that cannot be touched by Mastery.
All you need to do is realise; you are the one who needs to begin to accept there are changes required in your life

You can have a life that is Self Mastered IF you choose. There is truly nothing new under the sun. But there can be profound changes in you, that create a ‘new’ way of being for YOU. A life that can alter the outcomes that seem inevitable can be shifted and changed. A life that has been on a journey of Self Mastery will find that there is literally nothing in this world that cannot be touched by Mastery.
All you need to do is realise; you are the one who needs to begin to accept there are changes required in your life.

You may tell me that you are doing well, balanced and have reached a stage of perfection for yourself. I salute this, and then I ask what do you do with the Aspects that trigger your response in life, in ways that you find distressing. What do you do with the fears or belief systems that seem to hold you up in your expansive growth? How do you respond to the unexplained energy that is coming against you through another’s experience, with which they choose to involve you?
What is occurring with your Abundance?
Where do you fit within the Cosmic Family connection? Comprehending all these things brings a particular release and mastery in your life.

Do you have balance in all areas? No, I did not think so. While there are many out there, teachers, guru’s, mentors, channeller’s and the like that would have you believe that you need to take session after session to release.
These sessions are to assist you to come to terms or clear your issues. I would say that you need to begin to Master your Life. Mastery is not ‘controlling’ something to prevent something from happening. For example, controlling your anger so that it doesn’t express, because nine out of ten times you will lose the control and things are worse than before due to the suppression.

I prefer to say, feel the feeling; however, don’t stay there, then look at what caused the strong response and begin to deal with the cause. Don’t avoid or delay the integration of this. Don’t resist it because you are ‘too busy’ to deal with it; it will return in a different way only bigger.

Self Mastery is an active everyday lifestyle choice that brings you the freedom that you desire. It shows you where you may need assistance and how to help yourself.

Self Mastery shows you how to deal with concepts of being Self Responsible FIRST. Taking responsibility for you and only you, then allowing others to be responsible for themselves. Does this sound like I am telling you not to be caring or ‘responsible’ parents/friends/family members? Perhaps there is something in that. Imagine a world of people that learn to be Self-Responsible, taking ownership for the actions and thoughts and patterns that they put into effect by what they say and do. 

 Imagine no one stopping to blame someone else when things don’t go ‘right.’ Imagine a world that suddenly begins to function on a level of knowing Self intimately and the idea of being ‘responsible’ for someone else’s happiness or wellbeing is foreign. Where you can make choices that involve you and what is of balance for you, therefore, you can be of more service to others by the choices you make for Self.  

I am not under any circumstances indicating that you should stop caring for people, being compassionate or want the best for others. But, when you realise that IT IS NOT your responsibility to ensure that another is happy in life. This realisation usually comes, at times, at the cost of our happiness) you seem to be able to step into a more natural way of life. You are more comfortable to be with others as there is no ‘ownership’ on you or expectation that you are taking on.

When you decide to go into that Deep Dark Jungle, you call your life. You begin to see the vines and spider-webs, that have been building up over the years, trapping you into things and ideals that are not yours.
You begin to feel and ‘see’ the things that you’ve created that keep you in a place of repeating the same things/thoughts/actions time after time.
You keep doing the same thing because you say you ‘don’t know any different’ and if even if you did, you’d still go to default because you haven’t cut the vines and removed the spider-webs. When you delve into the depths of the Jungle you call life, you begin to enter into an adventure, an adventure that can be the most illuminating one you have yet to experience. You are in the lead position on the venture; you make the decisions, we look at where to go exploring and what you want to discover. Now some discoveries may not be that comfortable, but when you learn to take ownership for what is YOURS and let go of that which is not yours you begin to cut away at the debris that has built up over time, and you can start to see and breathe in a more transparent manner.

Many enlightened people will want to give their explanation of being self-mastered or living responsibly, and yet I offer you a way of looking at where you are at right now. Who are you? How often do you fall into the blame game? You may think you are a person that has left that behind, yet do you catch yourself saying ‘Oh so ‘n so leaves the fridge open all the time’ or ‘I wish you would squeeze the tube from the bottom NOT the top!’ or ‘I know it’s about me but you…. All these show me that you are still in the journey into your deep dark jungle… enjoy the discovery!

My goal is to help you find the way through this with a HUGE side order of Grace and Ease, to allow you to look first at your actions, thoughts, and responses and then at the other person. You need to learn that it is not up to you to ensure their ‘happiness,’ that you do not need to live in a co-dependent relationship. When you learn that life is meant for living, to be enjoyed, experienced, and ONLY YOU can give that to you, then you are beginning to chip away at the undergrowth.

Self-mastery affects you in all areas of your life. It affects you in the Physical, Mental, Emotional and ‘Spiritual’ areas. Each of the areas holds differing reasons and points of contact for you, and yet many will overlap. In learning to look at each area and see where you can improve for yourself, you begin to step into an awareness that is fresh and new.

Be bold and look at what habits you have, or addictions. What can you change, what can you let go? Give yourself a chance and learn to connect with you in a manner that gives you the freedom of expression of being Self Mastered in Your Life.
So the question to be asking of oneself is not ‘am I living a Self Responsible life?’ But instead, ‘am I living a Self Mastered life?’ When you can look at all areas of your life. Rather like a map of a continent, and each new country or region is a place you’re able to become mastered. Take ownership of what is yours and releasing what is not; this is Self Mastery in action.

Go on I dare you, get a substantial energetic skip-bucket and dump it by your front door or back. Each day that you experience something that you know is not yours; it is blame or self-effacing or controlling or anything that you know is hampering your expansion put it in the skip. When it is in there, [separate from you] take a good look at it. Is this what I want in my life? Do I want to behave this way? Does this serve me or anyone else with whom I interact? If your answer is in the negative, then what are you going to do with it? Chucking it away is just another way of resisting it and yep your right it’ll come right back and bite you on the bum {so to speak} so what’s a person to do?
The person is to become Self Responsible and be aware of their part of what is occurring around them.

A Message from Cifehtr via Louise James

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