Choice, a daily event.

By Louise Reiss-James Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Every day is a choice. A choice of life or death!   Wow that sound serious for the beginning of

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Coronavirus Emails and us

By Heather Reiss-James Coronavirus emails from businesses have been landing in our inbox..* boring repetitive, email messages.. so thought we’d create our own. From them:A

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Get off the Mat! Goodbye Low Self Esteem

I felt I had no choice in anything in my life from work to relationships to travel to money. Yes I just sucked it up, whatever was handed me, without any thought that I could make decisions and change anything in my life that was not working. One of my beliefs was that life had to be hard for anything to be achieved! Do you know that one? I did not know that I had a choice!

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Unlocking The Keys To Channelling

“By very definition of owning a name/thing/or object is to impress the act, state, or right of possessing something.

Therefore, if we lay claim to the name of a Being, Person or Energy, we are impressing the state or right to posses that same Entity.”

“Is this plausible?”

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